ThreadX® Real Time Operating System (RTOS)

Express Logic is the provider of embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS) ThreadX®. Their mission is to provide quality software solutions for deeply embedded applications in source code form with royalty-free licensing. The name recognition and popularity of ThreadX has grown tremendously from year to year, as it gains additional market share.

ThreadX® Real-Time Operating System Snapshot

  • ThreadX is industry proven and is deployed in 1 billion devices
  • Small footprint as small as 6KB with automatic scaling
  • Implemented as a C library
  • Full Source Code
  • Royalty - Free
  • Fast real time response
  • Deterministic processing
  • Preemptive scheduling
  • Preemption-Threshold™ scheduling
  • Execution Profiling
  • Multitasking facilities
  • Flexibile thread priority support
  • Fast software timers
  • Built in system trace
  • Flexible memory utilization
  • Fully integrated with Sage EDK
  • Easy to use
  • ThreadX Safety-Critical Certification Pack™ to help speed certification of regulated systems

ThreadX® Demo Package

Click here to download a ThreadX demo package. The zip file includes a demo project, instructions and a User Guide. It is intended for use with Sage EDK/SmartProbe, and provides a foundation that can be modified to add application-relevant routines and learn about RTOS scheduling.