Accelerated GStreamer Codecs for AMD Multimedia

The Fluendo team consists of GStreamer pioneers, video gaming and UX experts, engineering professionals, marketing specialists, and in short, a group of multimedia enthusiasts with over 15 years of experience in developing, commercializing and providing solutions enabling digital media on a number of devices, platforms and operating systems. Fluendo develops efficient and versatile products designed to enable digital media consumption.

Fluendo Enables Digital Media Consumption

  • GStreamer Proprietary Solutions
  • Fluendo offers proprietary codecs and DVD playback to enable legal multimedia consumption on Linux®-based commercial devices. Fluendo proposes a one-stop service by being a pass-through for certain patent licenses.

  • Global Multimedia Solution
  • Offering a unique 3D interface, Moovida is a software media player that allows finding, managing and playing entertainment content, including movies, TV episodes, and music. Moovida has outstanding media capabilities that can be customized and embedded in devices using different operating systems and platforms. Fluendo also offers MoovidaDB, a database containing meta-data, general information and cover art for over 70.000 movie titles, enabling a better and simpler content management.


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